Une réflexion sur “San Domingo Church, Puebla

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Please accept my warm hello from Afghanistan and I hope all your teams are at best health and doing well. Since four years I am working for Focus Magazine of Germany and recently I gave them the idea of making a special report about “Afghan Women Special Force” this army participates at “night operations” against Taliban and other insurgents and we compiled a big report about them for Focus magazine.
    For three years I was regional director of Aina (French international media NGO) in Herat Afghanistan during 2002, 2003, 2004 and since then I have visited and worked with many French journalists and Spanish, German and Slovenian.
    I am ready to help you and your journalists in Afghanistan and from Afghanistan as I did for other dozens of media.
    I am Mansoor Bakhtar an educated and experienced Afghan journalist who works for expat journalists, film makers and foreign media in Afghanistan as journalist, fixer, translator and interpreter with more than 10 years of experience with many documentary films, TV, agencies, writers, photographers and Magazines including Taliban coverage. A local with good English who drive film makers, writers and journalists around, interpret for them, set up interviews and sometimes i even do the interviews. I assume an immense amount of risk in exchange for little recognition. If you or your friend, media and colleagues need fixer or help kindly I will be at your service in Afghanistan.
    Best Wishes
    Qurban Mansoor Bakhtar
    Contributor at Focus-Magazine
    Afghan Journalist, Translator, fixer and
    student of University of NorthWest of USA
    former Colleague of: AINA, World Bank, USAID, CNN+ TV, Cuatra TV, ADN.ES, Enpiedeguerra.tv, Delo, Revolve, Elperiodico, The National, SABA TV, Bata Bat Film Company and …..
    93 (0) 770401574

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